Red Kite Design was founded in 2018 by Steven de Rooij. With more than 20 years of experience in the development of complex electronics, Red Kite Design is your preferred partner for the specification, design and production of the electronics you need.

Before starting Red Kite Design, Steven has developed designs for telecommunications, space and defense applications. The common item throughout these designs is the uniqueness of the requirements. Each of these fields presents its own requirements and its own quirks. The only way to succesfully develop products in those circumstances is to carefully analyse all relevant requirements, and start the creative design process with an open mind. Something Steven de Rooij is very good at.

Steven de Rooij holds a Master of Science degree in Electronics from Delft University of Technology.


Steven de Rooij or Red Kite design has experience with a broad range of technologies and applications.

PCB Design

2 layer, multilayers up to 24 layers. ENIG plating, Silver Immersion, HASL (leaded and lead free), microvia, buried via, via in pad, semi-rigid, flex, high Tg, low loss substrates


Defence, space, automotive, security-sensitive, outdoor, indoor, moving, extreme temperature, long lifetime, telecommunication


Laser optics, high speed digital (up to 400Gbit/s), switching power supplies, memory interfaces (DDR, QDR, SRAM, NAND,NOR), serial interfaves (RS232/422/485, I2C, SPI, One-wire, USB, SMB), Stepper motors, Led drivers.

Programmable Logic

Xilinx Kintex, Virtex, and Artix FPGAs, Coolrunner CPLDs, Intel (former Altera) Stratix, Arria, Cyclone and MAX devices, Microsemi IGLOO and Smartfusion FPGAs, Lattice MachXP and LatticeXP FPGAs


Microchip PIC16, AVR and ATSAM microcontrollers, ST Microelectromics STM32 (ARM) devices, Marvell (various ARM devices), multiple 8051 derived devices, NXP PowerQuicc and ARM devices

Power supplies:

Isolated and non-isolated. Switching and linear. From 1mW (milliWatt) to 250Watt. From 0.6V to 400V. Low noise and high efficency.

Contact information

Red Kite Design
Steven de Rooij
Eikenlaan 7
3768 ES Soest
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 44754821